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I am a 22 y/o independent artist from the UK, always looking to collaborate and expand the sounds. I mainly do environmental art and game development but music is a fun hobby on the side!
12 DAWs filled with saws.

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Posted by Conseq - October 16th, 2020

I've got into some unhealthy cycle of getting a burst of motivation, opening my projects, getting lost and then abandoning it immediately waiting for the next burst of motivation. Occasionally I'd make one or two small changes to a project but nothing further than that. I forced myself to get Atomic out, and I know it's pretty bad to just force a project out there but I feel like I'd get nowhere with the same projects clogging up my folders. Even if it's something I'm not incredibly proud of - at least I completed it and can work on the next thing.

Posted by Conseq - September 12th, 2020

I get in this pretty unhealthy cycle of wanting to make something, loading up my softwares and plugins, ready to plot some notes and then - nothing. I put it off until it all builds up so much that I make something that I funnel all my effort into, and that was the case with Realm Walker and Firewall (which is stored on other platforms). When I made the transition into this fresh new account that I could brand differently to my old one, I told myself I wouldn't fall into this cycle again but here we are.

It's really difficult to just do it. There's motivation, there's plenty of inspiration, but there's something indescribable stopping me. It's honestly really difficult sometimes. I really hope I can push through it because after going through the audio portal and seeing such talent, it really makes me want to try and see if I have any talent of my own.

I just hope it doesn't take another six months before I make a single thing like it was last time. I'm hopeful!